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(Scomber scombrus)

Information and catching area

Mackerel is a pelagic schooling specie found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean. It gather in in huge shoals migrating towards the coast to feed on small fish and prawns during the summer. The mackerel is fished in the North Sea, Skagerak and the Norwegian Sea and then migrate into the North Sea and Skagerak in the autumn. The fishery takes place primarily in September until November, but there is also a local fishery in the Lofoten area (North Norway) in June-July of summer mack- erel. The summer mackerel is traditionally larger in size and together with Lofoten Viking at Værøy Island, we can offer the summer mackerel from June.

Production information

Catching method: Purse seine
Grading: 200-400g
Packaging: 20 kg jumle pack & 10 kg hand laid

Nutritional information

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids Vitamins A, D and B12