10 Years

of excellence

With more than 20 years experience in the international seafood business we know the importance of supplying our customers the right quality to the right price at the right time. We have a strict focus on quality of both the products we offer and of our customer service. We have a close relationship with some of Europes largest logistic companies and together we offer a fast logistic solution in order to supply our products to the world market with a minimum of delay and hassle for you as our customer.


It is essential for us to have a dependable, stable, and financially robust supplier. We have exactly such a partner in our long-standing cooperation with Lofoten Viking.

Our products

Premier Seafood supplies pelagic fish and ground fish to the world market from some of Norway's finest companies and vessels. Our primary goods are mackerel, Greenland halibut, and capelin.


We are a longterm supplier to some of the worlds largest aquariums. Herring and capelin of the highest quality make sure our friends of seals and dolphins get a healthy diet.

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