Business activities

Our business activities

The Premier Seafood with headquarter in Aalesund, Norway. Our main activity is export of Norwegian seafood to the markets in Europe, Far East, USA and Africa.

Our highly qualified staff take care of all the customs clearance, documentation process and logistics for our customers - a fully integrated service in other words.

Our traditional customers are a medium to large company buying large quantities to their designated ports of choice. Our independent and open mind is appreciated to our customers as we are not owned by any factory or shipowner. We don´t hide the truth or give advises that goes against our customers. We like to be a discussion partner as well as a business partner to our customers. There are a lot of information out there and it is not always easy to get the full picture of what are the market prices and the market situation in different markets at various times. But we know and we share this information with our customers.

Even if you are a customer outside our core markets please contact us. With our logistic solutions we can provide our products to your designated port of choice as well.

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.
Premier Seafood is a proud member of the Norwegian Seafood Council