(Gadus morhua)

Information and Catching area

The Northeast Atlantic has the world’s largest population of cod. The North-East Arctic Cod is found in the Barents Sea area. This stock spawns in March and April along the Norwegian coast and the most important spawning grounds are out beyond the Lofoten Islands.

Vertical frozen in blocks, abt. 22 kg/block, packed in bags individual pallet weight.

Production information

Catching method: Trawl, long line and gilnet
Sizes: 1,0 kg-
1,0-2,5 kg
2,5-4,0 kg
2,5-5,0 kg
4,0-6,0 kg
6,0 kg+
Packaging: Random weight carton or bag.

Nutritional information

High in vitamins D and B12. Also a good source of healthy protein and selenium.

Pr 100 g total
Vitamin D is 44 IU (11% of Daily Value),
Vitamin B12 is 0.9 mcg (15% of Daily Value),
Selenium is 33.1 mcg (47% of Daily Value)