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(Mallotus villosus)

Information and catching area

Capelin is a typical pelagic schooling specie living of plancton. Capelin is a fast growing and reach a size of 14-18 cm in 3-4 years. The main catching area is in the Barents sea but during February/March it reaches the coast of the northern part of Norway where the main catching takes place. Premier Seafood are a large exporter of mainly female and mix capelin produced at our long term partner factory, Lofoten Viking AS at the Værøy Island in Lofoten, Northern Norway. During the catching season our representatives stay at the Værøy Island together with our customers inspecting the production and negotiating the contracts.

Production information

Catching method: Purse seine
Grading: pcs/kg 25-35 / 35-45 /45-55 /
60-65 / 70-75
Packaging: 20 kg carton

Nutrition information

High in vitamins D and B12. Also a good source of healthy protein and selenium.

Fat content
February 10-15%, March 6-10%

Nutritional value pr 100 g total
Protein 16,4 g
Omega 3 0.546 g
Vitamin A 21,6 μg
Calsium 61.5 g
Selenium 13.4 μg