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Atlantic redfish

(Sebastes Mentella/Marinus)

Information and Catching area

There are two main species of redfish in Norwegian waters. Those that are sold commercially as common redfish (Sebastes norvegicus) and rosefish (Sebastes mentella). The flesh has a rich taste, soft consistency and it is relatively fatty. This makes it well suited for frying, grilling and it is excellent for stir-fry dishes. Redfish fishing is carried out as a bycatch year-round but fishing is most common in the summer.

Product information

Catching method: Trawl, long line and gilnet
Grading sizes
J/cut, N/cut: 150-300 g
300-500 g
500-700 g
700 g+
Packaging: Random weight carton or bag.

Round redfish: 700 g-
700 g+
Packaging: Packed in bags, about 22 kg/blocks

Nutritional information

High in vitamins D and B12. Also a good source of healthy protein and selenium.

Pr 100 g total
Vitamin D is 44 IU (11% of Daily Value),
Vitamin B12 is 0.9 mcg (15% of Daily Value),
Selenium is 33.1 mcg (47% of Daily Value)